Solid to the Core

Frontier’s full-length, fully boxed ladder frame is built for rock-solid performance. Durability meets style in super-high-strength steel and chrome, found on the front grille and rear bumper [*]. Rear privacy glass adds attitude and keeps the inside cool, while the tailgate-mounted spoiler helps reduce drag. It all amounts to a rugged exterior that’s ready for whatever comes your way.

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Put your cargo on lockdown

Utili-track® Channel System
Nissan’s available first-in-class Utili-track® cargo-carrying system holds a huge advantage over other trucks - channels on the bed floor, not just in the walls and header. For even more versatility, position the four beefy aluminum-alloy cleats anywhere along the Utili-track® Channel System, strap in your cargo, and put even the most awkward loads on lockdown. [*]

Locking Tailgate and Cargo Bed Light
Shine a light on innovation. The cargo bed light helps you keep an eye on the job at hand. And for added security the tailgate features a cleverly placed lock, making it a well-protected piece of ingenuity.

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2019 Nissan Frontier front view 2019 Nissan Frontier bed


Working Class Class

When you’ve got stuff that needs to get done, Frontier is up to the task. Practicality and smart design doesn't have to come at the expense of comfort. The Crew Cab offers spacious seating for five, and the King Cab’s doors open wide, making it easy to get in and out of the cabin.

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Convenience on command

2019 Nissan Frontier dash
2019 Nissan Frontier interior view

Rear Door Access
Smart design gives your passengers easy access to the cabin. And with no B-pillars, larger-than-life items are easy to load.

2019 Nissan Frontier storage

Rear Under-seat Storage Bin
Flip up either or both rear seat cushions for more storage room. The under-seat storage tray is removable for even greater flexibility. [*]

2019 Nissan Frontier power outlets

12-volt DC Power Outlets
Power up your laptop or cell phone while simultaneously running a video game through the Frontier’s two auxiliary power outlets. [*]

2019 Nissan Frontier rear bench

60/40 Split Flip-up Rear Bench [*]
Maximize your cargo-carrying quotient. A 60/40 split flip-up rear bench seat—plus a flat loading floor—makes plenty of room when you're not carrying people.


Frontier gets it done...

Performance and Towing Capability
Pumping out up to 261 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque, Frontier’s V6 engine gets the job done. With a towing capacity of up to 3,043 kg (6,710 lbs), you can bring along just about anything you need. [*] Whether you choose a Crew Cab Standard Bed, a King Cab Long Bed or a Crew Cab Long Bed, there’s plenty of room for cargo. And with an available factory-applied spray-on protective bed-liner, you won’t need to worry about tossing it in gently.

2019 Nissan Frontier towing

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2019 Nissan Frontier demonstrating hill start

Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS)
The Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS) system senses wheelspin, then automatically applies the brakes to the spinning wheel and directs power to the wheels with more traction to help maintain steering control.

Hill Start Assist & Hill Descent Control
When starting on an incline, available hill start assist can keep you from rolling backwards. It holds brake pressure for a few seconds, giving you time to switch from the brakes to the accelerator. Conversely, available hill descent control can help you drive down a steep grade in 4WD, by maintaining your speed and brake pressure. [*]

Electronic Locking Rear Differential
When 4x4 mode isn't enough, the PRO-4X® - Frontier's ultimate off-roader - delivers. Just flip the switch to activate the available electronic locking rear differential. This feature delivers equal power to both rear wheels to boost traction and help keep your truck moving forward.

Bilstein® Off-road Performance Shocks

Available Bilstein® shocks were built to meet the demands of all your urban and off-road adventures. Their reputation for quality design means you’ll experience responsive handling and incredible comfort wherever Frontier takes you.[*]


Safety, first and foremost

2019 Nissan Frontier safety features

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Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS)
Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt sensors and an occupant-classification sensor. The inflation rate of these dual-stage air bags adjusts depending on crash severity and seat belt usage. [*]

Driver and Front Passenger Seat-mounted Side-impact Air Bags
Built into the front seats, two supplemental air bags offer side-impact protection and move with you as you adjust your seating position. [*]

Roof-mounted Curtain Side-impact Supplemental Air Bags
Roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags help provide head protection for both rows of outboard occupants. [*]

More than an ounce of prevention

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
This feature- sometimes called stability control - continuously monitors your steering and braking actions, senses any oversteer or understeer, and helps compensate by reducing engine speed and/or applying brake pressure to specific wheels. [*]

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
Standard on all models is a 4-wheel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) plus Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) that senses additional weight, whether it's a full cargo bed or a full tank of gas, and sends extra force to the rear brakes.

2019 Nissan Frontier demonstrating ABS

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